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The Flashing Lighted Beer Mug has 6 LED’s that flash in rapid sequence to create an array of fast moving colors that make your drink come alive. This light up beer mug will truly mesmorize everyone at your event or party.flashing beer cup

Light up Beer Mugs are great for nighttime events! These flashing mugs are fun when having friends and family over for get-togethers. Make them a part of your nightlife, and let the good times roll! They have an On/Off switch located at the bottom of the mug that activates the glass. Once activated, the glass will begin to show off its 6 bright flashing LEDs. This glass is perfect for a night out on the town, or in the comfort of your own home so get yours today!


1.With water sealed into the sealed double layers, put the mug in the refrigerator to ice the water so as to cool your beer.
2.With 6 LED; Material: PS
3.Button switch on/off
4.Powered by 3xLR44 replaceable batteries
5.Used in the Pub,KTV,Disco,Birthday Party,Dancing Hall,etc

Sometimes the simplest solutions to problems are the best way to go and that’s what I have here. Since we’re spending more time in front of the computer than ever before and perhaps more so than in front of the television for some of us, it means we’re most likely eating whilst surfing the net.wrist keyboard cover

A solution to keeping your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard in tip top condition. KB Covers has designed the finest silicone keyboard cover to protect and enhance your Apple Powerbook G4 or MacBook Pro laptop computer.

Available in pink, blue or transparent, this keyboard cover protects crumbs, dirt and general wear and tear from your keyboard, so no more having to get in between the cracks to get out those biscuit crumbs or dust that often finds its way underneath the keys. The transparency of the cover is enough so that the backlight on your keyboard will still continue to shine through quite easily.


-100% silicone, soft tactile feel.
-Moulded to fit each key.
-Leaves key characters visible.
-Washable and long lasting.
-Quiets keystrokes.
-Soft, flexible, durable, colorful and washable

When was the book light – that device that clips onto a book’s spine, throwing light onto the page but ostensibly not onto the person sleeping next to you – invented?led ear light

I can’t give you a accurate answer ,but definitely it’s a good invention.And now we supply a product which is much more cool — LED Ear Light.

We really like this gadget, if only because it’s so cool-looking, in that straight-out-of-“Minority Report” kinda way. It’s the Over-Ear Book Light, and you guessed it, it clips to your ear and shines a beam of light on whatever you’re reading. Now you can continue to enjoy whatever “Harry Potter” book you’re up to without disturbing your bedmate or fellow passenger—and look tres-cool at the same time.


* LED light used for reading and illuminating computers
* Cute bluetooth style gives people a cool feeling and convenient to wear everywhere
* Adjustable beam direction as light end can be adjusted upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right
* The ear-clip is able to circulate 180-degree
* Cordless operation: powered by three pcs AG13/1.5V
* Product size: 6 x 9.5 x 2cm

What is it about Sudoku? When I get done solving one, I just want to solve another puzzle. And another, and another…

For those that don’t know, Sudoku (or Su Doku as some prefer) is an addictive puzzle created in America, popularized by the Japanese, and spread throughout the whole world.

A classic Sudoku puzzle is made up of nine rows and nine columns of numbers. These rows and columns make up nine mini-grids surrounded by a border. See the figure below.
Sudoku Puzzle
Sudoku PuzzleEach row, column, and region (mini-grid) can only have the numbers 1 through 9. Looks simple? Looks can be deceiving. Some puzzles are fiendish!

An easy puzzle can take only five to fifteen minutes to solve. A fiendish one may take hours without a computer program to give you hints.

Want to know the history of sudoku and how to play sudoku? you can visit

Now we have a keychain sudoku , so you can take it anywhere and play it whenever.

Features:sudoku keychain

  • 6-time 6-game format
  • High score record
  • 3 help functions
  • Various games
  • With key chain, easy to carry
  • Customized colors available, PMS number required
  • Customized logos acceptable
  • Game regulations: 1) Fill in the blanks with numbers from 1 to 6 2) There can’t be any same number in every row and line in 3 x 3 panes
  • A new toy for MSN messenger is available now.It’s cool , perfect gift for your friends or business partners.

    Features:MSN E Buddy

    1. Its heart glows when your buddy comes online
    2. Mounting clip for fixing it on the top of your monitor
    3. Its wings flap and body twists when message received
    4. Light flashes in different colors when different emoticons received
    5. PC running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
    6. Requires no additional battery
    7. Configrable actions
    8. Running by USB cable.

    As much as you’d love to fill your home with these really beauteous creatures of the earth, you sure cannot. And you have simply resigned yourself to just enjoying the company of flowers through pictures you may scoured from the Internet.

    But need not despair for there is a new kind of flower that you can enjoy. And this comes in the form of solar flowers.

    Yes, solar Sway flowers. These products have been made to be quite resistant to various types of weather so it means that once you buy a whole bunch of these pretty little plants, you can choose to put them in your own private area or surround your garden or desk with sway flower


    Packing 1pc/pvc color box
    Qty/ctn 24pcs
    Moq 2000pcs
    Dimension 58.5*33.5*46cm
    N. W. (kg): 5kg
    G. W. (kg): 7kg
    Contain qty: 20′ FCL (7560pcs) 40′ FCL (15312pcs)

    40′ HQ (18,000pcs)

    Unit size 9.5*9.5*15cm
    Color box size 19*16*11cm
    Material plastic
    Certificate CE

    1. No battery needed.
    2. Placed in the light, the flower will swing in the air, bring you a good mood.
    3. It will be your nice fellow and nice to be present

    Worried about losing your USB Flash drive? Concerned that if you keep it on a key ring it’ll get scratched? Bothered wearing it round your neck will make it seem you’re wearing a cheap iPod Shuffle knock-off? We has the answer: the Flash Wristband.wrist usb flash drive

    We had put out a new design twist on stylish looking USB Flash drives with this USB Flash Drive wrist band. No longer do you have to have a lanyard around your neck if you want to wear your flash drive around since this one disguises itself as a wristband that comes in six different colors of red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple.

    The USB Flash Drive Wrist Band is a fashionable and stylish mass storage device. It is shockproof and waterproof so you can wear it wherever you go and your data and information will be safe and sound. And when you need access to the date stored on the wristband just plug it into the USB port and you’ll be ready to view and change the information stored on the 512MB to 2GB drive.

    These stylish worst bands are made from flexible rubber that is soft and comfortable to wear all the time. And since the data stored on the USB drive inside the wristband is always protected you won’t have to worry whatever you do…

    1)Supports USB full-speed (12Mbps) transmission
    2)Capacity: 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB
    3)No driver needed for Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.x and above.
    4)Supports Windows 98 SE (requires driver) and Linux 2.4.
    5)Reading speed: 900Kbps (USB1.1)
    6)Writing speed: 700Kbps (USB1.1)
    7)Reading speed: 8Mbps (USB2.0)
    9)Writing speed: 7Mbps (USB2.0)
    10)Supports multi-partition and password access
    11)Supports boot up by USB-HDD or USB-ZIP mode
    12)Can be pre-loaded with data or software. The auto-run option makes your pre-loaded advertisement, presentation or homepage start automatically.
    13)Optional color:
    14)Unit Size:
    15)Unit Weight:
    16)Logo print size:
    17) Certificate:CE,FCC,RoHS
    18)Standard packing:
    1pc blister with card
    1pc USB Stick
    1pc User manual
    1pc CD with drivers and software

    How to choose the right pedometer?

    When correctly used as part of your workout or walking exercise program, pedometers may bring about huge health benefits.

    Researches have proven that pedometers are effective ways to promote a healthy and sound lifestyle because it serves as a driving or encouraging tool for regularly exercising. The fact is, when individuals are updated of how they function throughout their day (active or not), they will be more inclined to act on it.

    Generally, pedometers can cost approximately 20-30 dollars. Here are tips on choosing the right pedometer:

    • Determine your budget because in order that you can focus on specific pedometers that are within your budget so you can save time and effort.

    • Search for a monitor display that may be read on different lighting types, especially when you intent to it both indoors and out.

    • Make certain that it is comfortable when you are wearing it. Choose a pedometer that suits the clothing or outfits you normally wear during your walk.

    • Choose a pedometer with a security strap and a sturdy clip so that it will come off easily, preventing unit loss.

    We recommend a new Pedometer with FM Radio to you.pedometer with FM radio

    1. Compact and novelty design
    2. Count the step with LCD display
    3. FM auto scan radio (87.5-108MHz)
    4. Any colour is available
    5. Batteries: AG13 x 3pc (included)
    6. High stereo earphone included
    7. Material: plastic
    PACKING:  Unit size: 62x62x25mm
    Qty/ctn:   200pcs
    G.W.:  18KG
    Meas:  58x40x48cm

    A practical and simple basket that makes it easy to keep track of small items in the cargo area. The basket is easy to fold and requires little space.foldable basket


    Size: 460 x 330 x 250mm
    Materials: PP or PE
    Handle: double plastic handle
    Color: can be according to pantone or ral color codes
    Other available sizes: 380 x 250 x 200 and 305 x 205 x 160mm

    What is an FM Transmitter? In effect it is a miniature radio transmitter that transmits your music wirelessly to a radio or stereo device. It’s such a handy add-on to my iPod (works with all iPods bar the shuffle and other MP3 players). I used to listen to CD’s in my car all the time, but they got so scratched. The good thing about the FM transmitter is, that you no longer need CD’s in the car.
    These devices are intended to provide a wireless link from the output of a personal stereo or mobile phone to a car radio or domestic FM radio.

    So how does it work? You simply upload your MP3s and CD’s onto your iPod or other MP3 player. When in the car you connect the FM Transmitter into the headphone jack of your device and simply tune your car stereo to any clear FM frequency. Driving couldn’t be made more enjoyable with your digital music playing away through your stereo. No scratched CD’s and no annoying ad’s from the radio.: FM transmitter with MP3 power supply

    * 1. About Auto-Play/Auto-Pause functions provided.
    * 2. The Auto-Play function does not work if iPod is not turned ON for a long time.
    * 3. Supports wide range frequencies with Digital LCD.
    * 4. Good at Bass (compared to the conventional company’s products)
    * 5. 2.5mm Cable specification.

    * Power: DC12V/24V, 1A
    * Frequency: 76-108MHz
    * Weight: 0.15Lbs
    * Size: H2.25″ x W2.03″ x D4.23″
    * Cable length: 45.09″
    * Color: white