Light is the living messenger who carries to you the message of creation/tonal. Light has a memory and can travel through the universe for billions of years. When captured in a telescope, it remembers and communicates exactly what was happening when it began its journey. When he leaves a star and travels 13 billion years to join you, he remembers exactly the event that happened 13 billion years ago. He has a perfect memory. This light is reflected by the object, with a perfect memory of what the object is. It touches your organ of perception, your eye, which is designed to perceive light perfectly. This “message of light” must travel through channels in your mind to get to where you actually perceive it in a neurological and conscious way. The light we receive comes mainly from the sun. It is reflected in this particular tonal for us.

Most of the light is actually reflected by another part of the sound. As you learned in school, when you look at an object, what you see is not the object. What you see is the light reflected by the object. As we progress, we work with both our nagual (unstructured) and (structured) aspects of the car. Too many people want to go straight to Nagual without doing the necessary work with the Tonal. Working with the Nagual and the world of energy is fun, but without the base of the tonal, we will end up in a dead end, or, in the worst case, in the imagination. When a warrior has succumbed to imagination, it is impossible, in many cases, to rehabilitate him. It is better to lay a solid foundation in the tone. In addition to the book and audiobook, there is also an eBook, a four-color illustrated book, a map cover, and an online course.

[1] The fourth agreement allows readers to better understand the progress made in achieving their life goals. This agreement implies the integration of the first three agreements into daily life and the full potential of exploitation. [8] It`s about doing what`s best to manage individually, which is different from the different situations and circumstances the individual may face. Ruiz believes that if you avoid self-judgment and do his best at every given moment, he will be able to avoid regrets. [10] By integrating the first three chords and giving the best of themselves in all facets of life, the individual will be able to lead a life free of sadness and self-extinction. [10] If you practice these four practices, your life will change drastically. At first, these new habits will be difficult and you will perish countless times. With practice, these agreements are integrated into your nature and every area of your life and become easy habits that you can maintain. The Toltecens consider creation as composed of the nagual and the tonal. The Nagual is all there is.C is unstructured. The nagual condenses and the tonal is formed. The tonal is a structured energy.

The average person perceives only the tonal. As we move into the world of energy, we enter what the Toltecs call Second Attention. To perceive energy, we need to increase our frequency. To increase our frequency, we must begin by cleansing, clarifying, healing and strengthening the human sound value or our bodies of the structure. The human tonal is composed of three bodies, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. Every structural body of man has a specific purpose and function. It is important that each body functions properly or there is a malfunction in the human system. A dysfunctional tonal blocks our ability to perceive nagual and second attention, or at best any perception we have is perverted….