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Whether you like singing shanties in the shower or bellowing ballads in the bath, we have found the perfect gadget accompaniment with our selection of Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker.

Boasting the ability to either pair with your iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled gagdetry, or to wirelessly stream your audio from a docking device, nabbing one of these speakers will mean you’ll be enjoying tunes in the tub in no time.

Material:ABS plastic
Output Power:3W
Frequency response:100HZ-20KHZ
Impedance:4 Ω
Distance:within 10M
Power supply:USB DC5.0V,built-in lithium rechargable battery,300MA
Unit dimension:Φ85*45mm

flashing glass

1. Colors of the led light: red, blue, jade, yellow, multicolor
2. 3 flashing ways with replaceable batteries: fast-flashing, slow-flashing and stay-on for single color, 8 flashing ways for multicolor
3. Many body colors available
4. Material : PS material

Set your drink down on a light up coaster and watch your drink light up in flashing colors or an array of slowly chanigng multi-colors. Our battery operated light up coaters are very bright and are great addition to any evening banquet or bar event.

led logo coaster

# LED logo effect light patterns
# These new LED logo coaster is sure to be a hit in this year for concerts
# Seven LED in light
# 1 to 6 different LED messages can be display in LED light
# Available LED light colors in red, yellow, blue and green
# Battery: 3 x AAA
# Packing: each in a colored box, 100 pieces/cartons
# Gross weight: 9.8kg
# Carton size: 19-5/8 x 11 x 10-3/8-inch

color pen holder

Color pen holder calendar

Packing : gift Box

Net/Gross weight:17/18kgs
Unit size:75*110*77mm

Mini fan with bird shape, new design
Unit size: 6 x 4.5 x 9cmm
Packing: 240pcs/ctn
Material: ABS
Strong wind power
Simplicity of operator
Power supply: 2 x AA battery
Safe and pvc fan blades
Power saving design
Provides cool air while working
Can be used as gift or promotional item
Logo printing services are available

best gift made in china

battery fan

Battery operated fan is a good and useful gadget to keep out the heat as well as keep cool during the hot summer months. Depending on your location, having a battery operated fan is a necessity. There are many different types of battery operated fans available ranging from small clip on fans  to mini misting fans to the larger desk fans and  ceiling fans. Best of all, they are perfectly suited for all types of occasions as well as for both outdoor and indoor  usage.

Battery operated fans had come a long way since their inception. Nowadays, they are so small and portable that you can practically carry them around in your pocket. From non descript and boring colors to being available in all varieties of flashy colors with accompanying flashing lights to boot, you will never get bored with these gadgets. Another good reason to get one for yourself is that you can find many ways to use them from boating, camping, outdoor events, power outages, and for clipping on to vehicles and baby strollers.

During the hot summer months, battery operated fans are a must have in every household. As you probably know, the temperature in some parts of the world can go as high as 110 degrees and higher. At this temperature, it can cause a lot of health issues for many people, and especially the elderly and children. These helpful gadgets can be use to prevent heat exhaustion and overheating by lowering your body temperature by 4 to 6 degrees.

Also, if you are used to having fans and air conditioner to keep you cool during the summer months, you’ll find battery operated fans a heaven sent especially during an outage in the summer months. In times of an outage, these helpful gadgets can be a real live saver.

When it comes to saving energy and lowering your electricity bills during the hot summer months, nothing beats having a battery operated fan as compare to using an air conditioner. Using a battery operated fan to keep cool is one of the most economical decisions you will ever make. Besides saving money, you can also help to save the world by using and burning less energy.

BBQ thermometer

Temperature or Readiness of meat with a digital LCD screen and remote wireless probe. Wireless Oven Thermometer MIEO is an international brand which always holds the concept of cherishing environment, healthcare, and the transmission of happiness. It keeps pace with people’s lifestyle and quality of life, provides health and happy electronic products.

Product Features

Main Unit:
1) 3-line LCD
2) Operating temperature range: 0C to 50C
(F32 to 122F)
3) LCD display range: 0C to 199C (0F to 390F)
4) 2AA batteries
5) Pre-programs: Beef, Lamb, Veal, Hamburger, Pork, Turkey, Chicken and Fish.
6) Doneness selections: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Well Done
7) Audio alert options: Almost Ready, Ready, Overcooked, Out-of-Range.
8) Dimension: W61 x L120 x H29mm

Remote Sensor Probe
1) metal probe working temperature: -35C to 200C (-32F to 392F).
2) RF transmission range: 100 feet (30 meters) line-of sight
3) stainless-steel probe (length): 1 meter (3.3 feet)
4) Temperature resolution : 0.1°C (0.2°F)
5) Centigrade and Fahrenheit Conversion
6) RF transmission frequency: 433.92 MHZ
7) Date Transfer: 5/42s
8) Transmitting Distance: 30 meters in sight (100feet)
9) 2pcs AAA batteries
10) Dimension: D85 x H31mm

laptop table

Types of Folding Laptop Tables

First of all, there is a basic laptop table that is in a tray style. This is a great table that can be used when you are propped up in your bed (though there are some laptop bed trays specifically built for the bed) or sitting in your chair.

Some tables have an adjustable tilting top which allows you to use your laptop while lying down.

Some folding laptop tables have a portion that is adjustable and can be tilted up at several angles, making it convenient to use the laptop. It is great for you especially if you are suffering from neck pain or back strain.

folding laptop table

portable laptop table

folding laptop tables

Some portable laptop table options have built-in mouse pads, while others have a flat area on which you can use your mouse.

The height of the legs can also be adjusted in most of the folding laptop desks.

The best thing is that because most of these laptop table options are folding and portable, they can be put aside in a corner, closet, or under your bed or couch when your laptop is not in use.

Folding laptop tables can be made up of different materials like metal, composite plastic and wood, all of which are available in different price ranges. Some of them have very stylish and sleek lines while others are more of a utilitarian style. Most of them are portable, lightweight, and folded away so that they can be stored easily.

portable laptop table       folding laptop desk

While this style of folding laptop table is designed to be used with laptops and notebooks, it can also be used for different activities like homework, meals, reading and crafts.

There are also portable laptop desks that have lockable casters, enabling you to move your desk wherever you are doing your work and then lock up the wheels/casters. The height can be easily adjusted and some of them also have a little shelf in the bottom which can be used to place a printer or other related computer device. As far as the tilts are concerned, they can tilt in all the directions, making the access possible for both left handed and right handed individuals.

So, if you are the owner of a laptop or notebook, then getting a folding laptop table is a great option for you. Whatever style of laptop table you choose, all of them will:

Keep heat away from your lap,

The laptop or notebook will stay cooler on a hard surface of the laptop table,

It will allow you to work in a more ergonomic manner, and

Its adjustable tilt and height will result in less pain in your back and neck.

With such a comfort and style given by a folding laptop table, you will be able to work for a greater number of hours and thus you will be able to become more productive.

*  Features:
o Portable, desk, and table laptop with cooling fan
o Good co-worker in speech and report
o Mobile cinema on bed
o Colorful and fashionable
o Firm structure: 15kg and more
o Weight: 0.58kg and easy to take in a notebook computer bag
o Adjustable height and angle
o Aluminum cooling pad
o USB cooling
* Spec:
o Model: multi notebook stand
o Weight: 0.6kg
o Package size: 41 x 25.5 x 9cm
o Product size: 36 x 24cm
o Possible angle: 30 – 160˚
o Angel phase: total 30 phases
o Product scope:25 – 36cm
o Control method: button
o Total: 6 phases
o Leg interval: 52cm
o Folded: 39 x 25.3 x 8cm
o Material: aluminum
o USB fan: DV, 5V, and 0.8A
o Fan size: 200 x 20mm

*  Capacity: 250ML
* Fold diameter: 7mm
* Fold height: 2mm
* Unfolding diameter: 7mm
* Unfolding height: 9mm
* An ideal accompaniment to travel, the fold away cup makes
* Convenient to enjoy travel or sport
* Customized logos are accepted

fold travel cup

  • Includes working rota
  • Powered by integrated solar panel
  • Laser cut ply wood parts – no glue required
  • Works even when the only available light is from a desk light
  • Unique desk ornament
  • solar windmill toy

1) wooden
2) solar Panel
3) Motor
Solar Wooden Wind-Mill
Green Solar Wooden environment-friendly toy, do not use any normal battery, just it in sunshine (≥19000LUX),
The wooden wind- mill rotate automatically. Economy and conveniently, and it will show the effect of photovoltaic
To the children in the process of playing.

leather notebook pen

8 digital calculator
Material: pvc + ABS
Battery: LR1130*1 (included)
Unit size: 13.2*7.9*2CM