If you like the mood set by candlelight but are uncomfortable with the potential danger presented by actual firelight, you can easily simulate beautiful flickering candlelight with the Rechargeable LED Votive Lights, a six-pack of rechargeable, battery-operated candles that will never blow out or burn out and won’t create a smoke or fire hazard. Six frosted votive candle holders are included with the set, but these rechargeable votive candles will fit inside any standard-size votive candle lamp, so you can enjoy the light of a flickering candle indoors and out, on your mantle, in the bathroom, or in a centerpiece at your next dinner party.

Enjoy beautiful, realistic candle light glow anywhere in your home without the flames, smoke or spilled wax of traditional candles. The included base automatically begins recharging the six candles’ built-in batteries as soon as they’re placed in it, and each candle can remain lit up to 12 hours on a single charge. Unlike standard votive candles, which can be expensive and burn quickly, the Rechargeable LED Votive Lights use LED bulbs that never need to be replaced, so these may be the last votive candles you’ll ever need to buy!

rechargeable led light

Product size: four chargers
Packing: regualr box
Box size: 18.7*14.2*7CM
Carton size: 59*20*44CM
Lead time: 20days