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The Flashing Lighted Beer Mug has 6 LED’s that flash in rapid sequence to create an array of fast moving colors that make your drink come alive. This light up beer mug will truly mesmorize everyone at your event or party. Light up Beer Mugs are great for nighttime events! These flashing mugs are fun […]

Sometimes the simplest solutions to problems are the best way to go and that’s what I have here. Since we’re spending more time in front of the computer than ever before and perhaps more so than in front of the television for some of us, it means we’re most likely eating whilst surfing the net. […]

When was the book light – that device that clips onto a book’s spine, throwing light onto the page but ostensibly not onto the person sleeping next to you – invented? I can’t give you a accurate answer ,but definitely it’s a good invention.And now we supply a product which is much more cool — […]

What is it about Sudoku? When I get done solving one, I just want to solve another puzzle. And another, and another… For those that don’t know, Sudoku (or Su Doku as some prefer) is an addictive puzzle created in America, popularized by the Japanese, and spread throughout the whole world. A classic Sudoku puzzle […]

A new toy for MSN messenger is available now.It’s cool , perfect gift for your friends or business partners. Features: 1. Its heart glows when your buddy comes online 2. Mounting clip for fixing it on the top of your monitor 3. Its wings flap and body twists when message received 4. Light flashes in […]

As much as you’d love to fill your home with these really beauteous creatures of the earth, you sure cannot. And you have simply resigned yourself to just enjoying the company of flowers through pictures you may scoured from the Internet. But need not despair for there is a new kind of flower that you […]

Worried about losing your USB Flash drive? Concerned that if you keep it on a key ring it’ll get scratched? Bothered wearing it round your neck will make it seem you’re wearing a cheap iPod Shuffle knock-off? We has the answer: the Flash Wristband. We had put out a new design twist on stylish looking […]

How to choose the right pedometer? When correctly used as part of your workout or walking exercise program, pedometers may bring about huge health benefits. Researches have proven that pedometers are effective ways to promote a healthy and sound lifestyle because it serves as a driving or encouraging tool for regularly exercising. The fact is, […]

A practical and simple basket that makes it easy to keep track of small items in the cargo area. The basket is easy to fold and requires little space. Description Size: 460 x 330 x 250mm Materials: PP or PE Handle: double plastic handle Color: can be according to pantone or ral color codes Other […]

What is an FM Transmitter? In effect it is a miniature radio transmitter that transmits your music wirelessly to a radio or stereo device. It’s such a handy add-on to my iPod (works with all iPods bar the shuffle and other MP3 players). I used to listen to CD’s in my car all the time, […]