1. SchoolsFirst FCU`s credit card program offers a series of payments based on a large number of factors, including the applicant`s creditworthiness. ANNUAL EFFECTIVE RATE = ANNUAL EFFECTIVE RATE. As of 2.09.20, Inspire credit card rates are between 8.50% and 17.40% APR. Credit card rates for school employees range from 7.50% to 17.90% APR. And credit card rewards rates range from 11.50% to 17.90% APR. Prices may change, are variable and may be increased after the account is opened. Must be a current employee to qualify for the school staff credit card. For credit cards secured by shares: the interest rate is currently set at 13.90% APR and is changed without notice. Foreign Transaction Fee: 2% of the transaction in US dollars for inspire, school and stock cards. The credit card with a higher income degree. Exclusively adapted to the needs of the school`s employees, with low rates and 1.5% cashback.

What will inspire your new card? Discover the benefits 3It applies under certain conditions and exclusions. For coverage to apply, you must use your covered Mastercard to secure transactions. For more information, see your Benefits Guide or call 1-800-MASTERCARD for assistance. Whether you`re looking for low prices, great travel bonuses, special school placements, or want to create or rebuild your credit, we have a card that fits your spending habits and lifestyle. A schoolsFirst FCU Mastercard offers many benefits, including advanced security features, not low fees1 and free alerts and resolution services for identity theft. It is a card that makes you feel good every time you use it. 4 To give you this benefit, Mastercard has been working with Generali, a global leader in identity protection, for more than 15 years. MasterRental Insurance Car rental coverage for damage caused by a collision or theft, whether you use your card to book a car and rent Family vacation booking or just enjoy a summer without financial worries. Buy new devices or put a debt-free selfie six months ahead of schedule. Whatever you imagine, the Inspire Mastercard can help you get there. With a special introductory APR for your first six billing cycles1, it`s the credit card with more benefits, more features, and more security than you ever imagined. .

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