If tenants change and rental loan contracts change during a lease, a bond contributor change (Form 6) must be sent to RTA. Everyone must sign this form, including the manager/owner. Other common concerns are the potential for rent increases, the status of their deposit, the proper maintenance or condition of their rental unit, and the continuation of certain policies, such as. B the allowing of pets. Anticipate these concerns and prepare your responses. You lose credibility and damage your relationship with your residents if you later decide to implement changes that you didn`t recognize in advance. Consider the possible effects of a significant change in prices or rental policies immediately after the purchase of the property. Although you have the legal right to implement your no-pet policy when extending the lease or upon regular legal notice, an empty rental unit is guaranteed to you in this context. If you sign up for your new lease, you must sign a declaration of consent that will allow the Housing Executive to take and store your photo of you. For a joint lease, they need the photo of each tenant. Tenants must write to the landlord and confirm that they both agree with the rent change.

If the landlord agrees to the change in the tenancy, a new lease must be signed. When a tenant has a joint tenancy relationship with their spouse or living partner, they become the only tenant if their spouse or life partner dies. It is not an easy process. The law considers that a natural person and a limited liability company founded by that person are separate legal persons. This means that the transfer of real estate from individual ownership to business ownership can have a considerable impact. It is also important that in the case of renting residential and commercial space, the new owner of the property has the right to terminate the lease only if he himself has an urgent need for the rented area. In the case of an apartment, for example, this may mean that the new owner has to move in himself. However, if the new owner of the apartment has bought it for investment purposes, it is very likely that he will not need the apartment himself and will not be able to terminate the lease with you. You may want to share the responsibilities of your lease with someone who lives with you and apply for a joint lease.

If your landlord approves your joint tenancy application, all tenants must sign the lease. As soon as the property has been transferred to the lessee, the rights and obligations of the lessor of the lease are transferred to the new owner of the property, in accordance with the Debt Act. In other words, for example, if you have moved as a tenant into a rented apartment, the apartment is in your possession and the lease is automatically transferred to the new owner. If the new landlord wants to enter into a new lease with you after the purchase of the apartment, there is really no need to do so. For example, such a topic may be on the agenda if the new landlord wants to change the contractual terms for you – for example.B. to increase the rent. If you do not want to enter into a new contract, the new owner of your apartment only has to accept the situation or terminate the lease. A rental agreement of indefinite duration can normally be terminated with a period of 3 months. .

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