Many economists agree that some trade restrictions are desirable, but we must be cautious, as such restrictions can, on the whole, impoverish us. For example, restrictions on agricultural imports may be good for British farmers, but they also increase food prices. There are several major arguments in favour of free trade: another approach is that we limit trade. We could do that to protect certain jobs. We might think that we need certain industries, such as food production or steel production, in case something does not happen in the world. We may want to limit imports from countries with lower labour or environmental standards so that they cannot underestimate our industries. This approach is called protectionism. a) Limiting imports b) free trade c) establishing quotas d) to reduce trade This application is amazing! He`s a real life savior. I recommend it 100% to everyone. But two questions. First of all, when I have a notification for the things I`m going to see on my profile, to look at the notifications, and every time I click on it, it seems like something like that, “Oops, something went wrong. Try it again, “but I refresh, restart my phone and it won`t fix it.

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