“We are pleased to have been able to negotiate an agreement that we believe reflects the needs of all parties involved, including teachers, children, families and taxpayers,” said Martin LaLonde, head of the school committee. Employees have the option of creating a tax health savings account (HSA) to fund OOP expenses as an alternative to the employer HRA, and the District will compare employee contributions up to $400 for singles, $800 for 2 people and parents/children and $1,200 for family insurance. Funds in an HSA become an asset and can be set up over time to pay for health care costs. “The Board of Directors has worked hard to meet the needs of our teachers, as expressed by the SBEA, and we believe that this agreement achieves this goal. The contract also advances the Board`s objectives to make the remuneration of our youngest teachers more competitive and to improve the sustainability of the district budget. We are pleased that both parties have agreed to make the necessary concessions to reach an agreement without strike,” said Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Chair of the Board of Directors. 30, stage 18 – from 2.01 to 2015 times the basic treatment. Teachers will also gradually progress on the GJ 2019 payroll plan. In total, the GJ 2019 agreement adds 2.49% of new credits for teachers` salaries. Parents: Good school, but the layout and schedule of the day prevent students from using their lockers. Teachers and counsellors are great, but deans lack a little care for their students. Food is marginal and not sufficient in serving size, especially if your student has the third hour of lunch. Otherwise, the classes are very good and extracurricular activities are included for the students.

A better school than other states, but has room for improvement. Read 11 Alum reviews: Last spring, I finished Mount Anthony Union High School. The school is very small compared to the others, but I would be lying if I said that I do not have a good experience of high school. MAU teachers and staff struggled to get to school. In high school, everyone knew everyone, and we were like a big family. MAU is great on pride, school spirit and equality. I always enjoyed going one night to a play created by the School Club Theatre, then going to a basketball game the next night. To me, Mount Anthony is a great place to get a high school education, and I wouldn`t change anything to mine. Read 21 Alum reviews: teachers give good feedback, classroom activities are very inclusive, and there is an undeniably positive sense of community, ubiquitous in every school in the Colchester School District (especially high school). Read 12 Alum Reviews: I love the friendly environment between local universities and the community. There is a balanced mix of university and community students where both respect each other. Read 11 Alum review: Although it was small and everyone was close to the knots.

There was not a lot of diversity and the directors were not very understanding about diversity. It seemed that each year the calendar was changing and that the price requirements were longer and longer. The classes that were offered helped with life after school, which was amazing. Read 1 Review Alum: Mount Mansfield encourages university students in a care facility. Both students and teachers engage in their work and demonstrate a passion for learning and inspire others to work towards their goals. The school focuses on helping students become the best learners they can be and being proud of the results of highly standardized tests. A student visiting Mount Mansfield will not only be willing to confront life outside of high school, with opportunities and instructions for students who want to follow the university trail and for those who don`t. Read 4 Reviews Vermont Business Magazine After 11 months of negotiations, the South Burlington School Board and the South Burlington Educators` Association (“SBEA”) agreed in the early morning of October 4 on a two-year contract