As a general rule, the renovation of the rear roof on terraced land will take four and a half weeks and a gable and rear roof construction on a semi-detached house will take five and a half weeks. In principle, if a party wall is to be cut during their loft transformation or if the fabric has changed in one way or another, the Party Wall Act 1996 applies. This law refers to domestic improvements such as extensions and loft fittings, which often affect party walls, and provides a framework for the prevention and resolution of disputes concerning party walls. If you do not reach an agreement, you will need to appoint a surveyor who described the schedule, access rights and remediation work. Your neighbour has the right to pay his own surveyor (for which you have to bear the costs). If you and your neighbours still can`t reach an agreement, you need to hire a third surveyor. A typical loft transformation includes an attic at the back or side of the house and the insertion of some steel structures to support both the new floor and the skylight. When it comes to party management agreements, you almost certainly have to budget. Even though the neighbouring owners already agree to accept everything, there is the additional cost of the party`s communications structure – about $100 per ad. If this has not responded to your request or if you would like to discuss the best way to discuss your planned loft conversion with your neighbours, call us on 01707 658604 or by email. The surveyor will then try to establish disputes and a party price that will determine the agreement between you and your neighbour.

We have made many loft transformations in these situations with a party wall letter. Please contact us today and help overcome this barrier with the right professional guide and help. You can be sure that these loft conversion scales are a specific guideline. Since we directly employ our craftsmen full-time, we do not need subcontractors, which means absolute reliability and not last-minute letdowns from the outside. This is the question our customers always ask themselves when they make a loft conversion. It can also be applied to all other extension work.