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Finally a Bluetooth Wristwatch is going to be available.The Wrist mobile phone offers an unlocked quad-band GSM phone(GSM900/1800/1900), which should work in most parts of the world. The watch has a built in Bluetooth wireless data transmissionso you can use bluetooth earphone. It’s also GPRS enabled for reasonably high-speed data access. The watch features a 1.3 inch color TFT screen, Support TF card, Recording and USB connectivity. It’s also got an MP3 player built in so you can listen to your tunes on the phone

Main features:

*Wrist Type: Wrist Mobile phone(Watch Mobile phone)
*General Network GSM900/GSM1800 900/1800/1900
*Support SIM card
*Stereo calls
*Bluetooth wireless data transmission
*1.3 megapixels CMOS camera.
*Display Type 1.3-inch 260K TFT LCD
*Support handwriting and touch screen.
*MP3&MP4 player
*With Bluetooth headset
*Support TF card.
*Ring tones type: 64 channels polyphonic Ringtones, MP3 ring tone, Record ring rone.
*Support intelligence pronunciation digital dialing.
*Exempts holds amplifies
*USB data transmission
*Memory Phonebook Advanced, Photocall
*PIM including calendar
*Language: English, Chinese
*Battery Voltage: 3.7V
*Charge limity: 4.2V
*Accessories: Mobile phone charger, bluetooth headset charger, wristband, bluetooth headset, data line, battery.

They are popular in restaurants, hotels and commercial events for security reasons. When you think about it, they could be a life saver when entertaining at home.battery operated candleBattery operated candles offer the same soft radiance of candlelight but with added benefits. These LED candles are even comprised of wax, and they even flicker. Thus, the appearance of battery operated candles is nearly identical to real candles. LED candles lack waxy drippings, so you will never again have to clean up the waxy mess of candles. Battery operated candles may be programmed to turn on and off automatically, which makes them easy and ideal for use as decorations.

Battery-operated candles do not require supervision. You can create the ambiance you like ahead of time so everything is perfect when your friends enter the room. One thing that always saddens me is the number of fires that occur due to unattended candles. People fall asleep or leave the house, forgetting to blow out a burning candle, and sometimes Battery Operated Scented Candle From the worst thing happens.

I’m sure forgetting to extinguish a candle happens ten thousand times each day, and maybe there’s only one fire, but it still breaks my heart that something as beautiful as a candle can cause something bad to happen.

Some people are more prone to forgetting than others, and I wish someone would tell them about battery operated candles. Technology is catching up to the desire for something beautiful and now you wouldn’t believe some of the choices available in this style.
Please, please, if you know someone who “forgets” about a candle on a regular basis, tell them about battery operated candles so we never have another bad headline involving candles.

It always seems that the more crucial a call is, the more likely you’ll have low or no battery juice for your cell phone. For times like these, there’s the Emergency Charger. With adapters for all the latest phones, the Emergency Charger allows you to charge your cell by cranking, just plug in your phone and it’ll begin to charge.

mobile charger

What I love about the charger is that it folds up for easy storage in a backpack, purse, glove compartment or even in a pocket. There’s also a charger for iPods as well! The chargers are perfect gift ideas for the professional, the business traveler or teens on-the-go.

Digital photo frames allow you to stop storing and start enjoying your photos. Can’t decide which photo to display? Digital Photo Frames effortlessly display your choice of just one or hundreds of images. This digital photo frame features a high-definition LCD screen with an automatic slide show feature. No PC or Internet subscription is needed: insert your camera’s media card or USB stick into the digital photo frame to begin enjoying your special photos.

Different size,different style, definitely you can find a suitable frame.

Clock Digital Photo FrameClock Digital Photo Frame

7 inch digital frame7 inch Digital Photo Frame

key chain digital frameKeychain Digital Photo Frame

Desktop Digital Photo Frame2.4 inch Desktop Digital Photo Frame

Solar charge is very popular now ,you can get a best solar charge from China wholesale gift.

solar charger

1)To re-charge the Solar Charger with solar energy, simply open it up and face in the direction of sun on a sunny day. Light 1 on the Charger will show red indicating that it is working (i.e. recharging and saving the solar energy).

2)The Solar Charger can also be re-charged with Electricity using the power adaptor supplied.

3)During re-charging, the ¡®ON/OFF¡¯ switch must be switched to the ¡®OFF¡¯ position. It would be harmful to the storage battery if it is in the ¡®ON¡¯ position during re-charging.

4) When the Charger is not in use, turn the ¡®ON/OFF¡¯ switch to ¡®OFF¡¯ position to avoid running down the storage battery.

Re-charging Mobile Phone

* Connect your Mobile Phone to the Charger using the phone plug or one of the adapters supplied depending on the make of your phone. Turn the ¡®ON/OFF¡¯ switch to ¡®ON¡¯ position, Lights 1 and 2 will turn red during charging, When the built-in battery in the Charger runs down, the lights will go off. You will have to re-charge the Charger for next use.


*Solar Mobile Charger is not waterproof, so do not use it in rainy weather or with water.

*The surface of the Solar Cell should be kept clean with a soft to ensure best performance.

*It takes about3-5 hours to fully recharge the Charger depending on the intensity of the sun.


*The Solar Energy Charger is a new concept of the 21st Century. It is utilizes abundant natural energy and hence environmental friendly.

*It is small size and very portable.

*The solar charger has a built in Li-battery which can support your Mobile phone hours of talk time depending on the size of built-in batteries and models of your Mobile phone.

Nautical gift ideas for that special someone can prove to be quite taxing on the brain. After knowing someone for only a short time or perhaps even for years, people often find themselves needing to find a gift for a special occasion that will be meaningful to the recipient and something they will remember. This is all well and good but figuring out what to get someone who is into boating can be challenging.

One would hope that by knowing someone’s hobbeis and interests, it would be somewhat easier to find that perfect gift for them. As everyone knows, this is not the case, especially when there is a broad range of possibilities within that interest. Take the case of the boating enthusiast, where the one man fishingboat with a trolling motor is a long way from the sixty foot yacht complete with all the latest furnishings.

Nautical Gift Ideas for Everyone

Fortunately, there are nautical gift ideas available for people who enjoy spending there free time roaming across the waters. Whether it is a small boat used primarily for fishing or a speed/ski boat used for fun or a full sized yacth, there are boat accessories and gift ideas that can fill the bill. For some that may mean some type of boat fishing rod holder and for others it may mean a brass lamp.

When looking for that piece of boat hardware or the unique desktop nautical gift, it may be important to find out just exactly what the boat is like that the friend owns and then go from there. The good news is there is something readily available for everyone. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be hard to find.