wireless fm transmitter

Today is what it means to be a free and democratic people. On a day like today, it is important for all citizens to be informed, and to do their part. That’s why I, Wireless F.M. Transmitter, have been nothing but transparent all through my campaign. You’ll never find out that I’ve got a, heh, 3.5mm mini plug that I just somehow forgot to mention until the last minute, heh heh. You’ll never find out, find me out in the world without my included Car Charger in a moment of crisis. You won’t get that promise from Ms. Batteries Aren’t Included, will you? I can pledge to be there with you when you drive from place to place, no matter where you may go. As long as it is within five meters of my antenna. Can’t help that, heh heh. This world today, in this world today there’s much to do in the world, and a firm hand is needed. For guidance. When you go out today, and you start that voting thing, you all remember one thing. Wireless F.M. Transmitter is the best choice for America.

1) Frequency: 87.7 - 107.9MHz
2) Audio frequency echo: 50 - 15000Hz
3) Operation range: over 30 feet
4) Channel select: preset 4 channels, the max channel are 14, you can adjust
the switch beside the unit to set your favorite channel freely
5) Four red LED blink at about 2HZ that indicate the current channel you set,
also it make the unit more beautiful
6) Dual power supply model: (2 AAA bat or external DC are available),
rechargeable battery are recommended because of the recharge circuits are
built in, that can charge the battery in little current while plug the external

Application field:
1) Auto car FM system, that can play MP3, CD, PDA, Person Computer, car-TV,
car navigation, etc.
2) Home wireless music system, that can reduce the difficult to layout the wire
or for any place that local in different place

1) PVC package:
a) 100pcs/ctn
Carton size: 620 x 413 x 449mm
N.W.: 17.5kg
G.W.: 19.5kg
b) 50pcs/ctn
Carton size: 485 x 440 x 325mm
N.W.: 8.8kg
G.W.: 9.8kg

2) Gift box :
PVC package:
Carton size: 540 x 405 x 360mm
N.W.: 17.5kg
G.W.: 19kg