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solar charger

1)To re-charge the Solar Charger with solar energy, simply open it up and face in the direction of sun on a sunny day. Light 1 on the Charger will show red indicating that it is working (i.e. recharging and saving the solar energy).

2)The Solar Charger can also be re-charged with Electricity using the power adaptor supplied.

3)During re-charging, the ¡®ON/OFF¡¯ switch must be switched to the ¡®OFF¡¯ position. It would be harmful to the storage battery if it is in the ¡®ON¡¯ position during re-charging.

4) When the Charger is not in use, turn the ¡®ON/OFF¡¯ switch to ¡®OFF¡¯ position to avoid running down the storage battery.

Re-charging Mobile Phone

* Connect your Mobile Phone to the Charger using the phone plug or one of the adapters supplied depending on the make of your phone. Turn the ¡®ON/OFF¡¯ switch to ¡®ON¡¯ position, Lights 1 and 2 will turn red during charging, When the built-in battery in the Charger runs down, the lights will go off. You will have to re-charge the Charger for next use.


*Solar Mobile Charger is not waterproof, so do not use it in rainy weather or with water.

*The surface of the Solar Cell should be kept clean with a soft to ensure best performance.

*It takes about3-5 hours to fully recharge the Charger depending on the intensity of the sun.


*The Solar Energy Charger is a new concept of the 21st Century. It is utilizes abundant natural energy and hence environmental friendly.

*It is small size and very portable.

*The solar charger has a built in Li-battery which can support your Mobile phone hours of talk time depending on the size of built-in batteries and models of your Mobile phone.